Understanding Document Object Model

Document Object Model (DOM) : A web browser request for a web pages to a server. The Server delievers the web pages based on the request of web browser.  This is a simple request response flow. Web pages are nothing but the html documents and their is a need of the structured representation of the […]

STL in C++..

c++ Overview with STL ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ C++ is a general-purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming that supports efficient low-level computation, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming. ____ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ C++ makes programming more enjoyable for serious programmers. C++ is a general-purpose programming language that – is a better C – supports data abstraction […]

Art of reading error messages

As programmers we want to build things that work. When we do exercises we want to figure out the solution to the given problem. Seeing error messages therefore has a negative connotation to it: we haven’t managed to get it right! Right? Well, yes. But also, no. Errors can also indicate progress. Often error messages […]

Question you should aware of during interviews

File system : FAT32, NTFS What is JVM , How it works , Dalvik VM Linux File System. File Descriptor and File Streams Socket , Pipe, Process Control Complete process when a computer system starts Complete process of web pages request to web pages delievery How web browser works. How You tube works , real […]

Things you should know about a Programming Language

The Sole purpose of any language is communication . Programming language have their own syntax, data types , etc .. etc… So things one should know about any programming language are : Data Types and variable  Declaration Conditional Statements Declaration Loops Input output Handling – keyboard as well as files String Libraries & operations Exception […]