MySQL Client and MySQL Server Difference

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MySql Client :

The mysql-client package allows you to connect to a MySQL server. It will give you the “mysql” command-line program.

MySql Server :

The mysql-server package allows to run a MySQL server which can host multiple databases and process queries on those databases.


The “MySQL” package probably includes both of the above.

If you just need to connect to a remote server and run queries, install just mysql-client. If you need to host a database, install the client and server.


The mysql server package will install the mysql database server which you can interact with using a mysql client. You can use the mysql client to send commands to any mysql server; on a remote computer or your own.

The mysql server is used to persist the data and provide a query interface for it (SQL). The mysql clients purpose is to allow you to use that query interface.

The client package also comes with utilities that allows you to easily backup/restore data and administer the server.


MYSQL operates in a networked environment using a client/server architecture. A central program acts as a server and a various client programs connect to the server to make request.

MYSQL Server, or mysqld is the database server program.It manages access to the actual databases on disk or in the memory.

MYSQL Client are programs for communicating with the server to manipulate the information in the databases that the server manages. Example : mysql is the command line program that acts as a text-based front end for the server.




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